Remarkable things can happen when empathy plays a key role in creative problem-solving. As we find ourselves living through extreme circumstances, whether working from home in global health and economic crises or climate change, we are all required to be more creative and solve increasingly complex challenges. The first step in addressing these challenges is to build empathy for others.

At IDEO, we begin designing innovative products, services, and experiences for the world by practising empathy — gaining an understanding of what others say, do, think, and feel in order to discover latent and unmet needs. Empathy is at the…

You give up a lot of the control. The luxury of old times—one user, one task, one computer—this is all gone now. It is much more like you are setting a stage for other people to perform.

—Jonas Lowgren

Language & Luminosity

Today, there are some interesting examples on the Web of contextual localisation: site language determined by device location; blog theme set to light or dark depending on device time. While potentially helpful, however, these particular decisions to dictate or change aspects of the experience are, unfortunately, based on assumptions. Just because I am in Japan does not mean that I want…

Indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design.

—Dieter Rams, Dieter Rams: As Little Design As Possible

In 2012, we killed hover.

For years we had designed for hover, playing with innovative ways to provide contextually relevant information via hover interactions and pop-ups, drop-downs, and mouse-overs. In 2012, we were challenged with building one website which worked just as well on desktop devices with large screens and mouse and keyboard input, as on handheld devices with small screens and touch. For those browsing the new site with mouse…

Nathan Paterson

Director at IDEO. #AlwaysBeCurious

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